Get Over It! 

This has been produced as a piece of fiction for teens and those who care about them.

Here's what it looks like above.


Life is about seeing the funny side. When things hurt, we tend to avoid them, though. Growing up means facing all sorts of stuff.  John and his father, Steve, are sailing around Greece to extend the summer holiday. It’s a case of delaying facing it, by changing their scenery and running away. They settle in Kindos Bay getting by with the help of a Greek family, who’ve a daughter called Athena and a cool café off the beach. 

The Dad’s sadness is snapped out of when there is a fire at the café. His navy training comes in but he gets injured.  John bravely goes after him to pull Dad out of the wreckage- a resurrection of love? The emergency situation and Dad in hospital brings Paul from England and is a different place for John to celebrate his 16th birthday.

Paul, the church youth leader persuades them they need some help back home. He gets them back to the U.K. to allow some counsellors to do their thing. Hannah from church does her bit helping John think about the past. But their home holds so many painful memories. They begin to deal with it, together.

            John’s scooter and skateboarding helps him get rid of some anger. Then Athena joins him for a break over Christmas. He starts to understand about relationships. Hannah comes with them to London and Dad is loads better.John learns from others in similar predicaments, especially Mike.At last, Steve and John begin to get what Mum meant, about not worrying. Their future looks bright! 

 I hope you enjoy reading it. To order a copy go to  price £6.90

Also available on amazon and waterstones sites.

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