These PICTURE BOOKS are drafted in short print runs. They suit under 8's and their readers.

The first in the Wild Animal in Splash Landings resilience building books championing wildlife and their habitats.

 Sofia Swan Flies the Nest   -An enchanting story of how a cygnet masters the art of flying. Sofia has fun with the help of her brother. By taking turns they overcome their troubles. 

The second in the series:

Felicity Frog Finds Her Way - Another enchanting tale set in nature. Felicity overcomes her fears to hop onto dry land.

This is where toddlers are encouraged to copy the reader's actions & sounds to experience positive identity affirmations modelled by wild creatures.

To snap up your copy -£5 please

A family history booklet for children 

 'Great War Winners'  Please use my contacts page to request your copy. Great War Winners-the full story of the flying nurse in my family. For Key Stage One pupils.

I have a work-in-progress with a working title of Guess What Superhero. See the author interview

with Atmosphere Press here-

Enjoy! You can hear these stories at Nottingham library. See Left Lions plug here for Wednesday 14th August. Join me at 10.30.

My frog picture book story is available for free to listen again at Hannah's Bookshelf. Enjoy the second story in her Beltane Special show recorded

at North Manchester FM Radio here. Enjoy!

The following are alsoavailable on my contacts page. Just request. 

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