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 Hiya! I am a writer in 2018! Glad you joined me.

For nearly twenty years, I’ve supported literacy in schools and youth settings. I've also volunteered in church and health settings.

Having always told stories, I took up the challenge of recording them a few years ago, embarking on a Certificate in Creative Writing at Lancaster University. I was a member of Melton’s Writers Club before joining The Reindeer Writers, who now meet in Southwell.

I want to create fiction for youth in a voice that reflects their value systems but adds hope around their issues. After volunteering in a day hospice and child bereavement centre, I’ve written a teen novel covering family bereavement, called, ‘Get Over It.’ It's been published by Onwards and Upwards publishers.

To go to buy the book Get Over It click  here

To buy the ebook go here:

Also, I've had some success with life writing with short story Love appearing in an American anthology Spiritual Awakenings, on Amazon.

In 2017 !

I was  back doing a series of workshops. We''ll be further exploring the art of creative writing. This is at the Attenborough Arts Centre Leicester, 2017!
Go to contacts page for further details of workshops.

Jo 'Starting Or' an ideal anthology title. Submit short story to men

 A family history booklet for children 

 'Great War Winners' -September 2014 Please use   my contacts page to request your copy.

  Thanks to Lancaster Uni! I've been given  Associate Membership at the Centre for  Transcultural   Writing:

  They hosted a reading  of 'the Real Me' included in the  following anthology. Get a sneak preview  

 I'm here with a short story touching on the thin veil  between this life and the next- KLiKbait Volume 2 in 'The  Real Me.'
 download here

  Mind & Soul Stories plug here 

 Welcome to Leicester

 My Picasso poem is included in a Poetry anthology. See  stories page.

Latest Publishing News!

2018 has been about collecting submissions towards an anthology of poems and stories from Attenborough Arts learners. See "Family Matters" in the banner above for more details of this Arts Council funded project.

  NOTTINGHAM EVENT- ART FOR CHANGE with Renaissance  One see above

Buy short stories here:

I love long country walks and swimming.  I am busy with a grown up family. Our house has a few cats in! The glorious colours of the seasons, in the countryside inspire me. As do the animals, with swans being one of my favourite birds.

I get many of my ideas when I am free to think, like when I'm on holiday. It's somehow easier to go into a dream place when you are relaxed, surrounded by your family and away from pressures!

See the latest review of 'Get Over It' here

Off the Beaten Track

From 2012! I was published with a mini ebook anthology of short stories for youth. It's going to be called, 'The Heavenly Road Trip'. May launch on itunes with Apple the Amazon Kindle ebook is now out! Click below to see details

An easy read to take on your holidays or cheer you up at home! Enjoy.

Last news


From November a line of my poetry will be included in a street light installation, in Nottingham.

For light poetry from Lawrence, Lord Byron and others see

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