Fiction title             When written

 Off the Beaten Track      2008 Published online

  A story for 14 + ages


 Meg's Diary                                     2009 Lulu

 Written as a crossover piece of fiction



Get Over It!                      2009 Onwards and 

Upwards Publishers

  14 years /crossover novel                                                       



Love                                                                     Summer 2010

 A prose non-fiction adult short story written for Unique Writing Competition

Included in 'Spiritual Awakenings' American anthology with gisgHeavenly Publishing! May 10 2013                        

 Paradise Lost. Not!                   April 2012              


 Still First short story                   Oct 2011    


 The Heavenly Road Trip Ebook  April 2012


 Merry Christmas!
'By the Grace of God go Eye'     Dec    2013
 The Real Me                     Spring 2015
Family Matters Anthology      Spring 2019
Edited by me

Poems & fun stuff  


God's Wonderful World   a poem                                 2007

 The End of the Road  a picture book for primary        2008


Rosy  a poem                               2010                    


'Great War Winners'  a picture book for Infants                 2014


 Our Picasso Dish,  a poem              September 2016

 'Welcome to Leicester' collection 

A Delicately Laced Fingerprint, poem Feb 2019

Listen for free here


A prize winning short story with the Fosseway Writers. Previously, this was published by The Resucant online writers forum under  It is raising awareness of child  abuse in Eastern Europe. Buy here for only  £0.99 A short story included in the Critters Bar Anthology 2009 on pages 24-28. It tells the story of Rob who faces the end of an era who is left some good advice by Meg,in a diary. He decides to follow her to Forevermore.Ebook here!

A teen novel, covering the sensitive issue of grief and a father and son's response. Set in Leicestershire and a Greek Island.This is an adventure told in a contemporary setting, with authentic dialogue. At first the family can't face losing the mum, so they run away to Greece to forget all about it. But with a lot of help from their friends, they adapt to life without her. It's a hopeful story with a Christian message .

A winner! In July 2010 I won first prize in the Unique Writing Publication's, 'Love' competition. The Unique Writing Publications are a Christian company. I was very pleased to be awarded this.Buy the story here

A thought provoking story about heaven. Now ebook!

This short piece of fiction tells of a holiday that ends up being the last for one family.


A paralympic YA tale, featured on The Red Telephone blog.

Then in Connect Exhibition, Embrace Arts and Perception Exhibition, London.

A hopeful mini short story anthology for young adults dealing with contemporary and futuristic issues. They deal with life's journey and important decisions made on the way. Perfect for any road trip! Click here for ebook itunes at Apple.ISBN 978-0-9571868-0-4 By Help for Writers. 

Short memoirs to be published Christmas 2013 @

A new adult short story that was included in the KLiCbait 2 Between this Life & the Next Leicester Anthology.

A collection of short stories and poetry edited by me from a dozen Attenborough Arts learners and a hand full of guests. The Family Matters Anthology Project is supported by ACE's GFTA Lottery. Available from Dahlia Publishing.

Read my story for free here at the Society of Authors Reader mag

See my author page on Amazon

A fun way to gather poems in school and make some funds.

It was produced professionally, by the Book Company!

A school based booklet production for Book Week, with much help from a talented illustrator.

In October I entered the Apple Day Poetry Competition  through the Folio Magazine. A book of Apple Day Poems was produced by Sue Tapply, of the Handmaid Press.

A World War 1 family story illustrated by Dori Kirchmair. This booklet is my short story for 7 year olds and above.

In a Light Installation in Nottingham &

The Studio, Nottingham Contemporary on Saturday 16th February, 11-3pm experience the Lace2Place immersive cube. Lace2Place is a heritage project with a difference - all the content has been created by the good people of Nottingham, with a little help from the School of English,University of Nottingham, and Mission Room.

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